Kimber's Client Profile

I work with many clients who represent many walks of life and many different family structures. Whether they are business owners or professionals or retired or still working, my clients:

  • Have little interest in "doing it themselves”—but want to be educated, well informed, involved in the process, and guided by a trusted partner
  • Are not necessarily “wealthy”, but have “wealth” that needs to be managed to “last” and will probably be needed for income during retirement
  • Are couples who make decisions together
  • Are individuals who want guidance and want to know they don't have to pursue their goals alone
  • Expect to pay a reasonable fee for excellent advice and service
  • Are nice people (You know who you are.)
  • Willing to introduce me to others—I want to spend most of my time taking care of my clients, not constantly searching for new ones. Most of our new clients are "friends of our friends." 
  • Are serious about achieving their goals and willing to commit to a disciplined strategy